Penpont has been used for a number of film and photo shoots over the past few years.

Films shot on location include:

‘The James Gang’ 1994.

A TV Drama: Heaven on Earth. 1995,

Simon Magus, 1996 .

 We have also hosted a shoot from ‘Top Gear’, (The Land Rover Bowler chasing the Mountainboarder down the hill), and a number of TV wild Food programs.


We have the capability to house a full film crew with production vehicles on site, and have access to a number of unique and diverse locations within our extent of land.

For further information please see: http://www.walesscreencommission.com


We have also been used as a location for photo shoots, be it Fashion, furniture, or Cars (Land Rover Discovery).


Penpont Estate can provide a wide choice of venues, from the Historic built environment, to Woodlands, Moors, Rivers and Streams, and pastoral landscapes and gardens.







We are happy to give guided tours of the house, outbuildings, and gardens and the Biomass heating plant.

Half day tours can be combined with refreshments.








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