Living in such a uniquely beautiful area, we feel that it is our  responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible, and we positively encourage our visitors to do so too.

We endeavour to source our supplies from ethical suppliers and support local small businesses and producers when ever possible.

Over the past few years we have embraced a number of renewable energy and sustainable systems within our buildings.

In 2006 we were awarded the ‘Wales - Business and Sustainability ‘Award in recognition of our efforts.



A 150 kw Binder fully automated woodchip boiler was installed in 2005. Connected to a district heat main hot water is distributed to all the main buildings within the core area, and supplies heat for domestic hot water use and the heat system.

Wood fuel is sourced from the 200 acres of estate woodland. Utilizing poor grade timber, and thereby enhancing a greater biodiversity within the woodlands.

In an average year we will process and burn approximately 100 tons of timber. It has been calculated that this equates to an annual saving of 66 tons of carbon deposits per year compared against the equivalent use of oil.

The Plant has been used for demonstration days and as an educational facility. A consultancy service ‘Woodsense’ has been established to aid potential new users.



Our horticultural holding has been certified Organic with the Soil Association since 2001. We grow a wide range of vegetables, fruit & flowers that we sell locally to restaurants and cafes, as well as continuing to develop our own Farm Shop on site.

We operate a closed system, feeding our land entirely with the use of green manures and garden compost.




We encourage all our visitors to recycle, and minimize the amount of rubbish generated during their stay



We now buy our electric from ECOTRICITY. All light fittings are fitted with Low energy bulbs where possible.



A recently installed system for harvesting rainwater off the roof of the Stables, collects water which is stored underground and supplies the WC’s within the stables.



Where ever possible we use sustainable building materials in all our building projects. Lime mortars, washes, paints and sheeps wool insulation are all sourced locally through Ty-Mawr Lime. See




The Brecon Beacons National park is a unique environment, and recently qualified for a  new status as a world geopark.

More information on the local environment can be found at:



The River Usk is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC),  and is an important habitat for a number of Lamprey species, the Twaite Shad, Atlantic Salmon, Bullhead, and Otters:

More information can be accessed from:




Penpont is an ornithologists paradise. Red Kites and Buzzards are seen frequently, Kingfishers, Herons and Dippers on the river, and multitudes of grassland and woodland birds can be spotted within the garden areas.

Please see: 


A local bird spotting website is Brecknock Birds see


GREENING YOUR VISIT : For 20 suggestions to minimise your impact on the environment please visit,


In May 2014 we were awarded a gold standard in the Green Business Tourism scheme,

for details about the scheme please visit








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